AMONG US: Stream Sniping DanTDM the Imposter [🔴LIVE] Youtuber Collab #2 (FGTeeV Sus)


A whole lotta SUS goes down in this vid lol including me watching DanTDM's stream to try and cheat to win! No one will ever trust me but thanks for trying DAN. Thumbs up for the FAMILY playing AMONG US next time!
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    Fgteev I'm sorry you lost some of your videos

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    Bethany Romero-Munoz Laptop ;-; I use a phone

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    How ;-;

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    Download goozy and watch fgteev and funnel vision. Time. 10:24

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    I keeping being stupid cremete

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    Those people are GRblockrs I know them one of them

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    play a game called brawl stars

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    fgeev membeers ...introducing 4 emojis for you guys to use in comments enjoy

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    i lave yar vis

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    Can you do another among us video please

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    I was watching Dan's live stream

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    Let's gooo

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    I was like: cyan sabtoged~ I know the imp :> Later *Game over* *Me smacking my phone but it still works*

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    omg plz change you channel name to figi

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    I want your whole fam say wass up to me my name ayaan alam i want shawn mike lex chase all of you say hii to me please

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    Hey fgteev call me out in a video of among us i like yoire channel i your best fan i call my friends and say sbscribe fgteev i am theittle boy on the picture and now i am 8 by fgteev

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    I smell cap so funny 😆😂😂😂😂


    I like this

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    I love this but play more piggy please

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    think and feeegeee in ghost mode is cringy

    ANGEL A SALINASΠριν ημέρα

    When you were in electrical doing divert I saw a vent open in security

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    When are you playing piggy book two ch 4 and winter update?

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    Can u fgteev add lolasterling2021 on roblox

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    What if danTDM watch this

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    Figi you can’t me murdering people in the middle of nowhere

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    How do we join youtubers on among us

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    I love this video it awesome and i watch this three times a day

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    "done" dp mega duddz

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    bro you are food

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    Your character looks like a bloody tissue and only people that watch the whole video know what I'm talking about brawl

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    why fgeetv snich lol

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    Me: I did not eat the cookie Everyone: 0:21

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    duddz u are not colourblind

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    Have you played the baby in yellow? Play it if you haven’t

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    I gave you 1 like to be in color blind

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    Ok fgteev and can you friend me in roblox I'm Ezekhielr6

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    Omg you and faze rug both got 18 million subscribers on the same day

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    Figi don’t say that it’s ok I think your perfect

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    omg i love your vids my name is tory and i wish i colde meet you i wish that a clode join your youtube vid

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    Still has not changed his name figi

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    Ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    We no that

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    Hay fgteev Dan is in a moovy

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    How did duddz do wiring if he is colorblind

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    Did tell Dan about this

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    WHAT gloom she is my favorite GRblockr

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    FGTV daddy you made a really good choice of liking the mike and like mega mix friend have a good day

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    Could you please could you make my comment in your video one day I really want to see that

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    When you have a pet and you vent the pet comes with you

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    Was it just me or did I just find out think noodles name is justin if you know I'm sorry

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    0:48 I don't i just everyone the vwah!

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    The police have never met anyone

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    “The legend himself, Dantdm” Wow


    I now Dan

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    Someone Vented in Security I THINK DAN VENTED IN SeCURITY!!!!! 10:17

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    FGTeeV: stop texting get you head in the game Gloom:😨 Kara: well said Feji

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    the first part of the video Fgteev duddy thought it was a crewmate, but it was just another impostor (scott)

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    What about kaden fumblebottme

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    Fgteev Duddy: your all the imposter Me: No your the only Crewmate there for you are the imposter

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