There's a GOOZY game AMONG US! (FGTeeV NEW Mobile Game + A.U. Deleted Scenes)


FGTeeVers... It is with EXTREME HONOR that we present to you... GOOZY! Finally, we have an AMAZING VIDEO GAME and it's all THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!! We hope you love what's in store!
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Soooo... What do you think about the game? 200k Likes means it's the greatest thing EVER! ;)
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At the end of the video we had some deleted scenes from our Last Among us, they were pretty funny to not release so enjoy those too! :)
GOOZY #1! Slime Monster Prop Hunt (FGTeeV's New Mobile Game)
GOOZY #2! Escape Door or Save Shawn? (FGTeeV Mobile Game)
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.


  • FGTeeV
    FGTeeVΠριν 2 μήνες

    YOOO!!!!! We got a new game, GOOZY! It features me , Chase , Shawn , Oreo , Moomy , Mike & Lex ... We put alot of into this! It's time to get .... Download it tomorrow on Google Play and PreOrder today on iOS ers! ... Gameplay NEXT!

  • Jasmine Balram

    Jasmine Balram

    Πριν 15 ώρες

    The emojis 😀😀

  • Melanie Lopez

    Melanie Lopez

    Πριν 17 ώρες

    It’s in 2020?

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    Brandi Banks

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    Manik Saghatelyan

    Πριν 15 ημέρες

    FGTeeV woman

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  • Helvin Menezes
    Helvin MenezesΠριν 8 ώρες

    , goozy is amazing man sike it is so cool 👌😸😹

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie LopezΠριν 17 ώρες

    Hair is that?!

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie LopezΠριν 17 ώρες

    What the

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie LopezΠριν 17 ώρες


  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie LopezΠριν 17 ώρες

    What’s that sound?

  • cheryl kasenda
    cheryl kasendaΠριν ημέρα

    how did you make the multi tool??


    i have an idea make a new goosy make the name ollero like ollie and oreo and make 2 heads for ollie and oreo that will be cool

  • Jyohan Paolo Laron
    Jyohan Paolo LaronΠριν ημέρα

    Wow no red sus

  • Harvey Rafael Macario
    Harvey Rafael MacarioΠριν ημέρα

    Can you put olley in the game

  • Charlie Zaragoza
    Charlie ZaragozaΠριν ημέρα


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    DonovanΠριν ημέρα

    Wow.. you movie is that you guys

  • Donovan
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  • Donovan
    DonovanΠριν ημέρα


  • joseph abel
    joseph abelΠριν ημέρα

    i suscrib to you

  • joseph abel
    joseph abelΠριν ημέρα

    love the goozy game

  • Yatir Meris
    Yatir MerisΠριν 2 ημέρες

    0:46 wheres Oreo?

  • Gael Minaya
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  • Gael Minaya
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  • Gael Minaya
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  • Gael Minaya
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    HI FGTeeV you are so cool i sub to.

  • Rodina AlAhmadi
    Rodina AlAhmadiΠριν 3 ημέρες

    Hi FGTeeV Play disdain could I have it I don’t always always play because I want to friend so I want you to help me play it bye love you GOOZY

  • Mosab Jin
    Mosab JinΠριν 3 ημέρες

    I want to install goozy only fgteev I can't install

  • Abu Fran
    Abu FranΠριν 4 ημέρες

    Des was sow god

  • Krizel Palacio
    Krizel PalacioΠριν 4 ημέρες

    Good is the best kind of scary but i still love your dog all you and oreo my name is princess

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    I already downloaded it

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    I sub

  • Junior Dorrelus
    Junior DorrelusΠριν 4 ημέρες

    So cool🤩

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    patricia tadeoΠριν 4 ημέρες

    Hay en Friends Rush That’s OK ay bye Good s10000000000

  • Cameron Grassing
    Cameron GrassingΠριν 4 ημέρες

    🤟🤟 That game is so cool I like it so much

  • rana ess
    rana essΠριν 4 ημέρες

    Yes 👍

  • Rene Ruballo
    Rene RuballoΠριν 5 ημέρες


  • Rene Ruballo
    Rene RuballoΠριν 5 ημέρες

    I like how you did that so cool !!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle A Brown
    Michelle A BrownΠριν 5 ημέρες


  • a burgess
    a burgessΠριν 5 ημέρες

    Goozy is the game

  • a burgess
    a burgessΠριν 5 ημέρες


  • Deborah Parham-Ferguson
    Deborah Parham-FergusonΠριν 5 ημέρες

    Ollie really got you there😂😂

  • GamingWithBrothers
    GamingWithBrothersΠριν 6 ημέρες

    i love the trailer

  • Edith nallelys pachecoaponte22
    Edith nallelys pachecoaponte22Πριν 6 ημέρες

    yay goozy is coming

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  • Karen Mata
    Karen MataΠριν 6 ημέρες


  • Karen Mata
    Karen MataΠριν 6 ημέρες

    Is the goozy gun available for purchase?

  • •CUTE B O B A•
    •CUTE B O B A•Πριν 6 ημέρες

    First I saw fgtv and he was a little bit confused

  • Ricardo Carrillo
    Ricardo CarrilloΠριν 6 ημέρες

    Where do I buy the gun

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    Yo peeps get fgteev soundboard

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    Ooooooooooooh my gosh goozy

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    Poor oreo

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    were is oreo

  • callmeollis
    callmeollisΠριν 8 ημέρες

    I LoveFGTEEV

  • Bianca G
    Bianca GΠριν 8 ημέρες

    what kind of among us is that


    hey fgteev can i be in the game

  • michael smith
    michael smithΠριν 8 ημέρες

    How did fgteev do that 🧐

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  • Omar Zafar
    Omar ZafarΠριν 9 ημέρες

    My score is is is 0 in guzy the game

  • marl obanos
    marl obanosΠριν 9 ημέρες

    I like goizy I'm so scared that monster

  • Andres Deleon
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    Fgteev has been good

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    I got the game goozy

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  • Maria Torres
    Maria TorresΠριν 11 ημέρες

    Hey FGTeeV 1 day I will have a channel and I wanna play with you guys among us or rocket league so when I ask you pls say yes

  • Florentina Moraru
    Florentina MoraruΠριν 11 ημέρες

    Vorbiți în română în toate episoadele vă rog frumos că nu înțeleg

  • Sherleane Murphy
    Sherleane MurphyΠριν 11 ημέρες

    He is the Imposter Ok

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    Call me

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    Join with Ryan

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  • Jasamine Harris
    Jasamine HarrisΠριν 12 ημέρες

    is that real olly is monster?

  • cheryl kasenda
    cheryl kasendaΠριν 13 ημέρες

    Ollie is the Goozy monster

    YANNI VLOGΠριν 13 ημέρες


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    I have doozy

  • kuteness1
    kuteness1Πριν 13 ημέρες

    Have among us Tomorrow in the morning wanna play among does

  • Quarts bambi
    Quarts bambiΠριν 13 ημέρες

    Are you going to add ollie

    JAHIR MEZA RIVERAΠριν 13 ημέρες

    Fv familiy can you do a gozzy song

  • Will it slime Guys
    Will it slime GuysΠριν 13 ημέρες

    ILove your game goozy hi score is1688

  • Ibrahem Hamoud
    Ibrahem HamoudΠριν 14 ημέρες

    I want be in the game

  • Ibrahem Hamoud
    Ibrahem HamoudΠριν 14 ημέρες

    My name is ibrahem

  • Ibrahem Hamoud
    Ibrahem HamoudΠριν 14 ημέρες

    Goozy a good game

  • Ibrahem Hamoud
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    so cool

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    Put a bill cipher Guzy in the your game

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    I NO

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    Twisted you 97Πριν 16 ημέρες

    Put Ollie in the game now!!!

  • Margo Tan
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    Goozy fgteev i love your game

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    I did at October 29 then I waited till October 30

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    Oh my gosh you got a game

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    fg ee v

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    chase wins among us as imposter* Duddy we have no time for that

  • K -Zen JR

    K -Zen JR

    Πριν ώρα


  • Deimante Chadkevic
    Deimante ChadkevicΠριν 17 ημέρες

    Update goozy so there's olly